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Ludlow's Bhutan Glory

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Male of Ludlow's Bhutan Glory visiting a flower
(Trashiyangtse, E. BHUTAN, August 2011 Photo by Watanabe Yasuyuki, the trustee of the BSJ)

Ludlow Bhutan Glory --- one of the most mysterious swallowtail in the world --- has been sighted!

Ludlow’s Bhutan Glory (Bhutanitis ludlowi) is first discovered by famous English plant hunter Mr. Frank Ludlow and Mr. George Sheriff in far-eastern Bhutan in 1933-1934. It was described as a new species in 1942. (Gabriel, 1942) After the discovery, no additional record has been obtained. It is one of the most mysterious butterflies in the world. Many researchers and collectors were trying to reveal the veil of this swallowtail.

Our society had the joint research with Bhutanese government to search this butterfly in August, 2011. As a result, we succeeded in observing this species in the deep valley located in far-eastern Bhutan (exactly same as the type locality).

Originally one Bhutanese forest officer had obtained two specimens of this species in August 2009. However the record is not published yet. This is the first confirmed record of re-discovery of Ludlow’s Bhutan Glory (Bhutanitis ludlowi).

Our society invited Bhutanese researcher to the annual meeting held in Tokyo last December. He introduced the details of the findings and future conservation project. We will be collaborating with Bhutanese people to reveal the ecology of this beautiful swallowtail.

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